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Mike Moran Painting

Mike Moran Painting

Mike Moran Painting
Mike Moran Painting

Interior Painting:

Mike Moran Painting
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Interior house painting necessitates having unknown strangers in your home. The process of painting upsets your daily routine. At Moran Painting, we understand how stressful this situation can be. To offset this stress, we attempt to create as little interruption of your daily routine as possible. We arrange to start and complete work at times that are convenient for YOU.

Our paint crews are gentle while moving furniture. Your personal belongings are protected against damage from drops of paint, dust and work debris. At the end of each day, the work area is cleaned up.

We want our clients to experience as little imposition as possible. The privacy of our clients is important. So we encourage an open dialogue so that our crew meets your expectations ... and exceeds them!

Mike Mora Painting Mike Moran Painting Mike Moran Painting
Mike Moran Painting

residential repaintWe perform all of the following

  • Skilled crafts people who are polite, friendly, and work efficiently will do the work in a neat and professional manner.
  • Watermarks, smoke stains, pen marks, and other unsightly blemishes that could "bleed through" the new paint will be primed and sealed.
  • Scraping and sanding will remove any loose paint or other imperfections on woodwork, walls or ceiling.
  • Cracks and holes in walls and ceiling will be repaired with Spackle or drywall compound, sanded smooth, and primed. (This will leave your wall looking brand new.)
  • Holes in the woodwork will be filled, sanded smooth and primed. Sanding should smooth imperfections and damaged areas.
  • No paint on windowpanes, carpet, floors or anything else not being painted.
  • Sanding or undercoating to ensure proper paint adhesion will dull glossy surfaces.
  • Open joints and gaps between surfaces will be caulked and filled for a cleaner and more finished appearance.
  • Only quality materials should be used to give the best result and last longer.
  • Touch–up paint will be labeled and left for your future convenience.
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