We would like to move ahead with the proposal. What are the next steps?
  • Please fill out the Homeowners Wishlist (located on Page 5 or 6)
  • Sign the signature page and return with a $200 deposit.

Deposits can be made by check or by Zelle – company number is 978-996-2641.

What should we do to prepare for the start of the project?
  • Color choices finalized.
  • Trim any shrubs or bushes close to the house to allow access
  • Remove window and door screens.
  • Close windows in areas to be washed and/or painted. Point out windows that must be left open. 
  • Fragile bushes, flowers or vegetation should be pointed out to avoid accidental trampling.
  • Remove potted plants, decorations, furniture and lights from within 10’ of the paint area giving painters ample room to set up extension ladders and scaffolding and to protect from spills
  • Remove dog waste to avoid slips and falls
  • Remove any air conditioners from windows
  • Turn off sprinklers near the home and in traffic area as that will be used to access work areas. Sprinklers must not hit painted areas for at least 1 week.
  • Outlets and water source will be required. Point out where they are located.
My house is in need of carpentry repairs. Is this something you do?
Yes, we have a full carpentry crew on staff. We can replace any rotted trim and siding. We can deal with repairs all the way down to the wall framing as well as windows, and doors.