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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting is not nearly as stressful to the occupants of a building as interior painting can be. However, there are concerns that typically arise during an exterior paint project. Mike Moran Painting has the experience and professional know-how to be able to address these concerns and deal with them appropriately. Our painters never jeopardize safety. We attempt to maintain a harmonious environment that does not intrude on and building's occupants. We want clients to enjoy their new paint job!

residential repaintIs your home in need of some color and creative painting?

  • Skilled crafts people who are polite, friendly, and work efficiently do the work in a neat and professional manner.
  • All areas around your business or home, including your shrubs, landscaping, roof, etc. are protected from start to finish.
  • All surfaces to be painted are thoroughly pressure washed and cleaned. This step helps new paint adhere to the existing surface, and removes harmful pollutants and dirt.
  • Mildew (which can attack and degrade the paint coating from the outside or inside) is treated and killed.
  • All areas of loose paint are scraped. (Further sanding and smoothing may be necessary for maintenance and appearance.)
  • Any loose caulking is removed and replaced. Any open gaps are filled with new caulking to prevent rainwater from penetrating below the surface.
  • All loose boards are refastened.
  • Only quality materials are used to give the best results and last longer.
  • The proper primer is applied to all bare wood and metal to assure proper adhesion of the new paint. This step helps prevent future peeling in these areas.
  • If an exterior is too moist to paint, the source of moisture is found and eliminated.
  • Gutters are cleaned and inspected.

» Windows are protected while the siding is being painted, then opened and checked for proper operation. Sills are cleaned and painted.

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